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Pink Roses Wedding Cake

" To the Bride & Groom, I want to wish you the very Best Wishes for a new & happy life together ~ amid adversity there is hope for brighter days and love is the key that keeps us strong ~ all my best :)"

This 3-tier wedding cake went to the Francis Land House, decorated with fresh roses w/ a rose topper ~ the flavors were Strawberry & Pineapple :)


The new Mrs. Stefanie Dunn said...

Jennifer, for coming into this with no idea what I wanted, this cake ended up being exactly what I wanted. It tasted great and ended up being really special to us. When you gave us the cupcake samples, we took some to my parents house for them to try. The flavors we ended up using were the two my Dad liked best, so in a way his personality was reflected. Thank you so much for all your hard work! You really are a cake artist!

Jennifer Shockley said...

I'm so glad that we could make your day very special for you. I'm happy that with something so simple as the flavors, that your Dad could still be a big part within your wedding :) Thank you so much for sharing that & we wish you the very best :)